5o Total Units | 13 Unique Floor plans

One of the great things about the Brio is the various number of floor plans in our community.  It allows for several different types of buyers to become part of our community.  Whether you are a bachelor looking for a studio option or a family in need of 4 bedrooms, the Brio can accommodate your needs.  People of all backgrounds call our community home which results in a diverse and wonderful place to live.

Besides having several different floor plans, each owner has the ability to add their own unique touches to make each unit feel special and a place to call home. In order to see guidelines regarding unit improvements, please visit our community rules and regulations.

Structural Details

Unlike most residential buildings such as apartments where you can almost hear your neighbor chewing their breakfast, the Brio offers a completely different type of secluded condominium lifestyle with unmatched privacy in downtown living. The Brio has solid concrete and metal stud construction with firewalls located throughout the units.  This creates an extremely soundproof environment and energy efficient one as well.   


Check out various styles of unit with personnel touches added by our owners.

1st Floor

pic 10.jpg

6th Floor - Penthouse suites